Monday, 2 February 2015

Oh Hi There 2015! You Popped Up Outta No Where!

Oh My! It has been a hot minute since you last heard from me!
A year exactly in fact. Awkward..
2014 flew by, and I feel like I accomplished nothing other than an online shopping problem, and a crap tonne of unwanted makeup/clothing items.
I took on working 6 days a week, said goodbye to my social life, my YouTube channel & you guys here on my blog!
All that has since changed though, let me tell you!
At the end of last year, December 15th if we want to be real exact on everything, I left my job of 7 almost 8 years, I'm 23, you do the math. It is now the 3rd of February and I'm sitting on my parents couch, on my laptop flicking screens between YouTube, blogger & which if you aren't aware is a New Zealand job seeking website. Fun I know, you wish you were me!
So, needless to say the online shopping has dwindled down to an all time low, in saying that though, the post depot just rang about ten minutes ago letting me know about a parcel I have waiting to be collected, its a bra if you were wondering, I'm sure you all were!
I have loved my summer holiday though, don't get me wrong! Not working Xmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Years Eve & Day was total bliss! And instead of having to listen to all the nutty customers over the festive season, I was one of those nutty customers, it was great!
But since we are now into the 2nd month of the year, I thought it's about time I stop sunbathing and gallivanting around the country side and start looking for a job and also get back into the hobbies I love doing! Blogging, You tube, Photography, EXERCISING etc.
Oh, and if you are new to the blog, Hi! My name is Chelsea. I'm 23 years old, I live in a small town on the South Island, in New Zealand! I have a mum, dad and a younger sister. A dog called Gizmo, who is basically my bff! And a kitty named Blossom, whom I'm extremely allergic to! I'm a lover of all things pretty and all things social media, Instagram is my jam or honey or marmite, whatever. Sometimes I make you tube videos, and I would like to say I am a blogger, but I don't think you can call yourself that when you haven't posted in a year, and English was one of your worst subjects at school, and your spelling is shocking!
Any who..
I think first up my blog design needs updating! Should I keep the name Love & Orange? I got it off a website that picks random web names for you and its weird, random and has no meaning, kind of like myself at this present time ha ha, so I'm thinking keep it?!
Also, a few things are going to change, if you watched my update on You tube you already know all of this but for those on the blog here's the deal. I always focused my You tube channel primarily around beauty and as much as I love makeup, its not the only thing I love and I am far from good at it! I'm still going to tell you all my favourite beauty products and I will still do get ready with me videos for You tube but I also want to branch out and talk more about the things I am really really passionate about! I love fashion, I express myself through fashion! I also love food, I have been pretty adventurous with my cooking lately making a lot of yummy stuff that is also pretty healthy! I have been focusing a lot on my health the past few months, so I will babble on a bit about my journey to health and happiness quite a lot! I've also been pretty crafty lately, with all the spare time I have had on my hands, Pinterest is my bff! My dad & sister got the artistic genes in the family, I just like to think I'm crafty, I try.. we can say that at least!
I want to use my blog as a way to express myself and my loves and passions! To document great times in my life that I can look back on and laugh at/ cry at :P I want to talk about real life experiences, my real life! I'm not going to sugar coat anything, I'm not going to make my life seem exciting, because it is not, its very far from it in fact ha ha! I'm not going to pretend to be someone that I'm not, just because it is so easy to pretend you lead this great amazing fantastic life on social media, sure, you want to document your happy times and the most exciting times of your life, but for me when I'm reading someone's blog or watching someone's You tube channel or even scrolling through their insta. I like to hear about the sad times the tough times, the real times! It makes me feel like this person is real, they are sharing their life experiences the good and the bad with the world because they know that no one is perfect, everyone has bad days, times get rough and just because some people sugar coat their lives to make them seem perfect, they are not! I'm not saying I'm going to pour my heart out to you guys every time something shitty happens in my life, I'm just gonna be real with you!
I'm about to embark on this whole new adventure and I have no idea what that is yet, I have to find a new job, a place to live because there is no work in my small home town of 1000 people, and it is time I spread my wings and venture out into the big wide world! I'm scared, change scares me! But I am so excited and so ready for whatever is around the corner waiting for me, and I hope that you want to come on this journey with me! Finding myself, finding where I belong in this world, I still have no idea what I want to do when I grow up! Right now, I don't know much, but I know I'm happy, and I'm ready for what life throws at me!
Wow, I have gone on a bit, if you read all of this, thanks so much! And since you now know what my deal is, tell me what's yours? Tell me about yourself? Lets be pal's (my dad calls everyone pal I love it haha) Follow me on Instagram, it's up there to the right somewhere!
Until next time (I promise I wont leave you guys hanging for another year, maybe just a few days) I love you! Thanks for reading :) xo

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