Monday, 9 February 2015

What I Ate Wednesday. Monday Edition!

So clearly it isn't Wednesday, but the title had more of a ring to it than "what I ate Monday did" right!?
I am trying to live a more healthier lifestyle, so I thought I would start doing these posts weekly! Hopefully they interest a few of you at least! Plus they are great for me, because they make me get a little more adventurous with the meals I'm eating, today's one is rather boring though, I must admit! But everything I ate was still delicious none the less!
My parent's just got back from a weekend away up in Takaka and if you are familiar with the area you know this time of year, there are road side stalls everywhere selling fresh organic produce and homemade goodies! So I couldn't resist a huge plate of fruit for breakie! A little bowl of blueberries, a nectarine & half of a small watermelon hit the spot real good! I eat my watermelon with a spoon, does anyone else? I was told I was "weird" for doing that!

For lunch I was planning on having a salad, but the spinach was yuck which was great for me because my second choice was this bagel I had been eyeing up all morning that I kept talking myself out of having, but clearly ate it for lunch! Trying to avoid too many carbs like white bread etc, but I bloody love carbs! So I enjoyed a roast chicken, red onion, apricot & ofcorse cheese, toasted bagel for lunch, and my gosh it was great! I also had a Mocha on the side to warm up my insides as it is freezing here at the moment, and yes you are right, it is summer, but no it doesn't feel like it whatsoever! The mocha was just one of the sachet ones, we have a coffee machine but it takes too much effort to use and I don't even drink coffee, just the occasional mocha.. clearly!
Dinner time! You all know, well you should If you read my first post, that I live with my parents, so If they are having something for dinner that I eat (I'm fussy, and allergic to about 50 million different foods like red meat and seafood, the list goes on) then I will have what they are having, but they were having lasagne and that really just makes me want to gag! Who else hates lasagne? Meh! So I made my sister and I, A roast vege & Quinoa Salad which had lots of yummys in it like pumpkin, capsicum, red onion, cauliflower & zucchini, I roasted them with some garlic & coconut oil, cooked up some quinoa and it was so quick an easy and delicious! I added some marinated chicken breast to mine also! I'm now enjoying left overs for lunch today, as I write up this post! So YUM!
I Inherited a sweet tooth from my mother, but it only recently appeared! I have always been a savoury girl, but since eating more healthy I have been craving the sweet stuff! It always hits me either at 3pm or around 8pm! So I had some chia pudding in the fridge from the day before and I thought id whip it up with some other goodies and have it for pudding! This would be perfect for breakfast as well! It was really filling I couldn't eat it all but if you want a recipe for chia pudding, im more than happy to do a post on it let me know! To my raspberry chia pudding, I added some muesli that I crafted myself at Some Puhoi greek yoghurt, LSA, and a little cinnamon sprinkled on top and my sugar craving was gone!
If these blog posts are something you would like to see regularly let me know, because I really enjoy doing these!
What did you have to eat today? Id love to know, it will give me inspiration for my own meals! :)
Chelsea X

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